I have an idea for FE doujin but who knows if I’ll ever draw it.
It would be Ricken x MU related hehe

color testing in SAI.

Name: Spade

Age: 22

Specialty: Defense

Weakness: Magic

Like: Alcohol, Bacon, Money, Fighting

Dislikes: Spicy food, Tea, Heart, Diamond, Clover

Acquaintances: Heart, Diamond, Clover

Other facts:

  • He’s afraid of women.
  • Likes afternoon naps.
  • Many girls want to date or marry him but, he refuses.
  • Has a rivalry with Diamond.

Name: Clover

Age: 21

Specialty: Agility

Weakness: Strength

Likes: Animals, Tea, Fish

Dislikes: Alcohol, Training, Meat, Heart, Diamond, Spade

Acquaintances: Heart, Diamond, Spade

Other facts:

  • He’s pescetarian.
  • He enjoys afternoon tea.
  • He gets terrified by people devouring blood meat.
  • He’s a bit of a coward. 

Name: Diamond (Dia)

Age: 22

Specialty: Strength 

Weakness: Agility

Likes: Chicken, Money, Swords, Dogs

Dislikes: Fish, Sweets, His nickname, Heart, Clover, Spade

Acquaintances: Heart, Clover, Spade

Other facts:

  • He’s very picky on food
  • He has a habit of being over confident
  • He has a bit of a rivalry with Spade
  • He almost backs down from a fight

Name: Heart

Age: 20

Specialty: Magic

Weakness: Defense

Likes: Meat, Money

Dislikes: Lady Lessons, Royal Guards, Thieves, Cute Crap, Diamond, Clover, Spade 

Acquaintances: Diamond, Clover, Spade

Other facts:

  • Her favorite meat is steak
  • She’s not interested in love, in fact she’s good at smashing hearts
  • She has a tomboyish personality
  • She’ll do almost anything for money or meat.